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September 22, 2009

Red Alert: Watch Your Car!

Around 6:04 this evening the Wolcott Police Department issued a Red Alert. There has been a recent spat of vehicle break-ins throughout town. Residents are reminded to do the following:

– remove valuables from view in your car including GPS devices, i-Pods, Cell phones, laptops, jewlery and other devices

– Lock your Doors. Yes, Wolcott is quiet, yet we are not far from the city and major highways. Wolcott is not immune from people needing money who may prey upon your possessions. It never hurts to lock your doors.

– Be aware of your neighborhood. Be familiar with the cars in your neighbors’ driveways. If you know your neighbors, be aware of what is probably in or out of place.

– Be alert if yours or a neighbor’s dog starts barking suddenly. Similarly, if motion lights turn on, be alert.

– DON’T HESITATE TO CALL WOLCOTT POLICE!!!! Especially if something is occuring as you see it, you will be able to provide valuable information and if the suspect is caught, you will have prevented them from striking even more residents’s vehicles.

If you suspect something is even slightly amiss, it just might be. No matter what time it is, call 911 or 879-1414 at any time. Officers patrol town 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They and the dispatchers are awake at all hours, so give them a call. If you wait until the next day, any chance of catching a suspect may be slim to none. If someone broke into your property, you’d want someone else to do something, right? The worse feeling in the world for a victim is that a neighbor or witness saw something but didn’t bother to do something about it.

If, after calling the police on something that turns out to be normal, that’s fine. Let the police decide if something is amiss or not. If you report a ‘suspicious person” in good faith, you will not be found at fault. Often, if you hear a sound or see a person or vehicle in an odd or unusual location – chances are its worth looking into. Follow your instinct.

A note on cellular 911: Connecticut has enhanced 911 where a cell phone will often be traced to the approximate address (but not necessarily the ACTUAL address) that you call from. Be aware also that because of various cellular providers, tower locations, or especially if you are calling near the town line or a highway, your call might be answered by a neighboring town, State Police or NW Public Safety. Be patient and inform the dispatcher of what town you are calling from. They will usually tell you to stay on the line as they connect you with the correct 911 dispatcher that can help you. Be patient.
For example, if you are on Woodtick Rd, be sure to inform the dispatcher that you are in Wolcott. Woodtick Rd. also runs in Waterbury.