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September 21, 2009

Free- Write

This afternoon I roamed the streets of Wolcott on the off chance that someone was still holding a late tag sale. A few people still had leftovers – four in fact. I was specifically looking for a bookcase, but love to browse the knick-nacks, old factory tools, random toys, and other things that people have accumulated over the years.

And then I came across a “Free” pile at the end of someone’s driveway. I was curious and looked at what was there. I was surprised to find a 2 x 1.5 foot framed painting of a barn in the snow. The brush strokes were very similar and the scene would match a painting I found at another tag sale two years ago. that painting – also in the snow – includes a stone wall in a forest overlook towards another hill. It reminds me of the Connecticut River valley even thoguh there’s no inscription of where it is or the artist’s name. I wonder if the author is the same. I took it this one. The previous portrait has a grey winter sky, this one a pink sunrise. There was also a yellow book written in Italian – an Atlas of Rome! I love atlases. Always have… yes I’m a wierd nerd. It all started when I wanted to be a weather man when I was a kid.

So. This begs the question. What have YOU gotton for free? Anything on the side of the road? An odd prize? Grab bag gift? Click “Leave a comment” above.

I’m going on vacation for the next 4 days… got two articles coming up, but otherwise will be quiet for a couple…