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September 18, 2009

Have a Story or Event?

Welcome to the Whisper. As you may have read in an ad in the Wolcott Community News, this blog is maintained by Christopher O’Brien. The purpose of the blog is a mix of reasons. First and foremost, to make Wolcott more informative. Sometimes rumors abound and we’ll investigate them. Other media often doesn’t look into what’s going on like they used to. Often we leave town for work and shopping, but don’t know what’s going on with our neighbors. I’m trying to help bridge that gap. Honestly, I don’t think I can do it without some help.

Two, it is meant to keep Wolcott residents informed to things happening in Wolcott’s town government. If roads are being paved, schools suddenly close, taxes are being raised, etc, you’ll probably want to know because sometimes these things impact your family, your budget, or your child’s education. The blog is meant to be politically- neutral so that you can decide for yourself what a decision should be. Facts will be presented strictly as they occur or figures will be provided with reference. Sometimes a commentary may be written about a particular subject from a particular viewpoint, but all view points are welcome and encouraged.

Third, it is the hope that you, the reader, might also be able to contribute. Whether you simply have a comment or thought on a particular post or have an event you want to advertise, please contact Mr. O’Brien. If you want to write about a particular event or topic, you may also contribute that. (writers are solely responsible for their content).

Contact: (203) 558-5817

September 18, 2009

This Weekend’s Events

There will be a bar b cue competition at Peteson Park. This is open to the public.

Town Wide Tag Sale – Residences participating are listed below. They can also be found on page 3 of this month’s Wolcott Community News.

Knights of Columbus will be collecting donations for people with disabilities in their annual Tootsie Roll drive outside of Pat’s IGA. This will take place throughout the day


Wolcott Republicans will be holding their annual picnic at Woodtick Recreation. All are welcome to attend. Come down and meet your local candidates for office and what efforts local Republicans are doing to keep taxes down, as well as efforts at the state and national levels here at home.

September 18, 2009

Town Wide Tag Sale Saturday

The following residences will be participating in the Town – Wide Tag Sale. All addresses are listed roughly north to south in town. You may be able to make up a driving route by following this order. Maps are available at many businesses throughout town or on Mapquest.

North End
14 Cedar Ave. (Spindle Hill north of North St.)
29 Winterbrook Rd. (off Wolcott Rd. near J&M)
1500 Wolcott Rd. (south of Woodtick Rd.)

Center – Woodtick
64 Catherine Dr. (off Catering)
74 Ransom Hall Rd. (off Woodtick)
512 Boundline Rd. (near WHS)
43 Kalko Dr. (off Boundline near library)
12 Center St. (near Pat’s IGA)
14 Chandler Dr. (Off Boundline behind Town Hall)
121 Coe Rd. (Between Boundline and Munson)
7 Kimberly Ct. (off Kregar Dr. which runs b/w Wolcott Rd. and Munson Rd.)
8 Kimberly Ct.
14 Kimberly Ct
14 Red Fox Run (off Nichols)

West Side – Clinton Hill
87 Allentown Rd. (off Spindle Hill / Mad River Rd. or Andrews Rd. to the end)
238 Clinton Hill Rd.
2 Crestwood Dr. (Clinton Hill neighborhood b/w Tyrell and Clearview Dr.)
17 Jenny La. (Clinton Hill)
9 Hess Dr. (Clinton Hill neighborhood between Jenny and Blansfield)
88 Hemple Dr. (off Spindle Hill near Wakelee)
46 Waller Ave. (off Spindle Hill near Wakelee)
11 Cassandra Ave. (Off Claudia which is off Spindle Hill Rd. near Wakelee)
12 Chicory Dr. (off upper Longmeadow Dr.)
30 Deepwood Dr. (between upper Longmeadow and Church Dr off Beach)
8 Woodgaite Dr. (off Lyman Rd.)

Hitchcock – South End
50 Knollwood Dr. (off Todd Rd.)
137 Knollwood Dr.
143 Knollwood Dr.
23 Mountain View Dr. (off Knollwood off Todd Rd.)
12 Woodward Dr.
90 Woodward Dr. (off Todd Rd.)
156 Garrigus Ct. (off Todd Rd. and Meriden Rd.)
162 Garrigus Ct.
14 Equinox Ave. (off East St.)
390 Celia Dr. (off Meriden Rd. near Meridian Manor in Waterbury, Morris St., right onto Celia)