Town Council Agenda- 9/15

Below are the highlights and main points to look for at this week’s Town Council meeting. The present Town Council is scheduled to have two more meetings in October: on the 6th and 20th. Historically, the Town Council has cancelled their second October meeting because it is close to Election Day. As a member of the Council, I will ask we hold that meeting if there is business to attend to.

Abbreviated Agenda:

I. Pledge of Allegiance
II. Approval of Minutes, September 1, 2009 meeting
III. Taxpayers’ Time
V. Mayor’s Report
VIII. Unfinished Business

Discussion and Possible Action on Assessor’s Contract

IX. New Business
Homeland Security – Emergency Management Performance Grant for FY 2010

This deals with a grant for the Civil Preparedness

Energy Conservation Contract

Discussion Regarding Clinton Hill Waterline Grant Formula
A public hearing was held last month regarding a grant recieved by Wolcott from the State of Connecticut. At the public hearing, it was conveyed that Wolcott has recieved the money, but current state law does not allow us to reimburse residents who have already paid for their water line. It does, however allow those who have not yet paid the full sum to have rebated amounts. The matter is currently under review by the State Attorney General’s office. I’m curious if it might require action by the State Legislature to resolve this.

It should be noted that Rep. Corky Mazurek has this grant passed into law MORE THAN a year ago – in fact it may have been one full term ago. Such funds then need to be approved by the state bonding commission which is overseen by the Governor’s office. It seems that the Governor’s office held up this bond for unknown reasons, but it was suspiciously done before Mazurek was re-elected in 2006. Bonding for the sports complex on Spindle Hill Rd. was also held up at the same time, but was recieved by the town after that election.

Discussion and Possible Acceptance of Red Fox Run as a Town Road
– This road is off of Nichols Rd.

Discussion Regarding Proposed Tax Abatement Ordinance and Possible Action on Setting Public Hearing
– Councilman O’Brien is introducing this ordinance. Some discussion on it began during the Sept. 1st meeting. The ordinance proposes to attract new business to Wolcott and for existing businesses to expand. The Town Assessor, members of the Development and Industrial Commission headed by Mark Monterosso, and Councilman Bokon also worked on this ordinance. A public hearing may be set for October 6th and the Council may vote on it that night for passage.

X. Appointments
– Robert Sherman may be nominated to the Development & Industrial Commission
XI. Items for Next Agenda
XII. Taxpayer’s Time


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