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September 3, 2009

Daily observation:

A letter I recieved from United Healthcare reads:

“If you require additional assistance, please call Customer Service at 1-800-444-6222. If you are hearing impaired and require assistance, please call our TTY/TDD line at 1-800-201-4875. Please call 1-800-303-6719 for assistance in Chinese, 1-888-201-4746 for assistance in Korean, 1-800-499-439 para ayuda en espanol, or the number on your Oxford ID cad for assistance in other languages. Interpreters are available ..”

Let the comments begin:
Ok. Why is the spanish portion written in Spanish halfway through a letter already written in English?

And if I spoke chinese or Korean, why isn’t that written in Chinese or Korean? I hope I knew english so I could get through the letter and understood that I could speak to someone in Chinese or Korean… because if I could make it that far… do I need to speak to someone in Chinese or Korean? Why are spanish speakers given different treatment?

September 3, 2009

Rep. Murphy Holds Healthcare Forums

Since being elected Congressman for the 5th District, Chris Murphy has held weekend forums at Stop & Shops across the district to meet with constituents about many legislative matters. In the recent debate over healthcare, Murphy has planned a number of town hall forums to allow citizens to air thier opinions on the healthcare bills before Congress. Tuesday he brought donuts and coffee to Waterbury’s Library Park. Wednesday he visited the Litchfield Hills. This morning he’ll be in Danbury. Murphy will return to Washington after Labor Day to begin debate on the bills.

Wednesday night an overflow crowd in the Shepaug Regional High School auditorium brought a variety of opinion on HB 7200 and two other versions of the bill which may change healthcare in America for the future. Murphy alternated in taking questions and giving brief answers to supporters and opponents in a forum which lasted almost two and a half hours. (more to recap this town hall meeting to follow)

The following schedule is a list of healthcare forums for the rest of the week. He returns to the Wolcott area with a visit to Library Park on Friday morning:

Danbury – City Center, Danbury Green – Congressman Murphy 8a- 9a
Storrs – UConn Campus, Jorgensen Auditorium, 2132 Hillside Rd. Congressman Courtney 12 noon
Bridgeport – City Hall. 45 Lyon Terrace – with Congressman Himes – 5:30 pm

Waterbury – Library Park – Congressman Murphy 8 am – 9 am