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August 31, 2009

Town Council Agenda: Sept. 1

The Town Council will have its regular meeting at 7:30 in Town Council Chambers at Town Hall on Tuesday Sept. 1. Below are highlights on the agenda and added information about what may be discussed:

1. Pledge of Allegiance

3. Taxpayers’ Time (Limited to itemts on the Agenda)

5. Mayor’s Report
(expect discussion on the Police investigation, upcoming events, and any new topics the Mayor wishes to address or Council members may ask of the Mayor)

6. Finance Officer’s Report

7. Sub-Committee Liason Reports

Expect the introduction of a new Tax Abatement Ordinance by that committee. The ordinance will provide a process where new and existing businesses can apply for tax abatements if they build new facilities in town. Among those investments include infrastructure, new jobs held by local residents, and other criteria. It would not abate taxes already owed by these businesses, or the value of the land they sit on, but would instead phase-in taxes on the new construction by new businesses over a period of years. This is a carrot-and-stick approach to entice new busineses to move into town. Over time, it will increase the size of the grandlist, create a larger tax base and in the long run, would reduce the tax burden on homeowners. Councilmen may decide to place this item on the agenda this night and plan a public hearing later this month. If they don’t, then a public hearing will likely be held in early October. After a public hearing is held, the Council may then vote on the proposed ordinance. The Tax Abatement committee was headed by Councilman Chris O’Brien. Councilman Michael Bokon also serves on this committee.

8. Uninished business – Assessor’s Contract

9. New Business-
Communications System Committee- final report

Expect discussion on the disbandment of the Communications Committee. This committee oversaw the construction and installation of a new communications system in town. This system enhanced upgrades to police, fire, ambulance and public works services. Councilman Dave Gentile is the Council’s liason to this committee.

Computer Leases for Board of Education
Leases for various purchases
, including police cruisers, a fire truck, maintanance equipment for golf course.

10. Appointments

12 Taxpayers’ Time (any topic)