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August 26, 2009

Whisper Begins To Advertise

Welcome to the Whisper.

This online news blog has been in existence for a few months, however we wanted to make sure we could keep up with events in Town to make sure it would work before we advertised. So far, it has reached an average of about 12-15 hits (views) per day with 93 hits on one day in June. Our success in writing about politics and town government proceedings that affect you has been decent. While we have covered a couple events within the community, we can do much better. So far we’ve limited ourselves to mainly publicizing future events to promote neighbors to help and contribute to the town. Of course we want to do better.

If this is your first visit here, please browse a few articles and see what you think. At the bottom of the page is a button you can click to see older articles. Just below the headline of every article is a button that says “Leave A Comment”. Please do! If you have something additional to contribute that would enhance the story itself, a comment about the story or writing, or would simply like to start a discussion, please use this forum. Dissenting points of view are very welcome, but of course they should be respectful.

This newspaper- blog is still a work in progress. We’d love to have some regular as well as periodic contributors who can help do interviews, photography, and stories. No experience necessary and you’ll get credit for your work or submission. If your thing is sports, let’s talk about athletes, coaches and scores. Social events or awards ceremonies help recognize those who above and beyond for a job well done. Know of an interesting person in town to tell his story? News about something in town that might affect everyone? Drop us a line and we’ll try to be there. If we can’t cover it, submissions with at least a synopsis of events can be written yourself. If you would like to try your hand at writing, send me an e-mail or phone call. There is absolutely no commitment necessary. We just hope that this online newspaper will help contribute to bringing the town of Wolcott closer together.

– Christopher O’Brien
(203) 558-5817