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August 24, 2009

Rain Hits Wolcott… You Expected Differently?

After almost a week and a half of heat and high humidity, the summer weather has broken – just in time for the Wolcott Country Fair. (have a thought or comment? Click “Leave a Comment” above!)

For some reason the timing of the Wolcott Fair and fowl weather always seems to coincide. Many in Town recall air raid alert sirens blaring and high winds blowing tents over when a microburst hit the fair a few years ago. It is almost an annual ritual that at least one day is a total wash-out- usually the Friday and sometimes Saturday. Unfortunatly each day during this year’s fair suffered less than desirable weather this year.

Friday began with humid weather and a modest number of fair goers stayed away, anticipating the evening thunderstorms which surely came. The low lying field behind Frisbee school is notorious for flooding quickly and Lions Club volunteers were seen trying to pump water out of an area near the midway after the storm. An equal number of fairgoers returned after the storm as there were before, but the numbers appeared low overall. Frisbie School was opened so attendees could escape the thunder and lightning. Saturday was more comfortable, but again with the threat of rain. Sunday traditionally has large crowds because of the evening fireworks. Around 7 pm though threatening clouds closed in with sporadic lightning in the distance. A light, then steady rain fell for about 20 minutes which sent many home. The winds lasted only a few seconds though, and the lightning stayed far away absent any local thunder. Yet it was enough to send many to their cars and back home.

Yet again, the skies cleared by 7:45 and crowds emerged from their refuge inside the school and walked the midway. An acrobatic act and competition attracted large crowds as high schoolers roamed the grounds with friends. By this point, the food area was pretty dead though. At shortly after 9:30 fireworks illuminated the skies as planned.

Hopefully next year weather will be better. Time will tell when the Lions finally move the fair to its future home off of Wolcott Rd where water will only be seen in one place: the pond in front of the property.