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August 21, 2009

Dunn to Greet Fairgoers

Mayor Tom Dunn and his wife will be at the corner of Todd Rd. and Pleasant St. on both Saturday and Sunday from noon- 2 pm. This will be an opportunity for townspeople to meet the Mayor and ask any questions about the upcoming campaign and the Town. This corner is across the street from one of the entrances to the fair, and also near his residence.

Other political activity also can be found at the Fair. While they traditionally refrain from active campaigning on the Fairgrounds, both the local Democrat and Republican Parties have food booths in the venders area. The Democratic Party is selling fried dough and the Republicans have dessert covered with brownie sundaes. Local residents can use this as a good opportunity to get to know some of the many candidates that will be on the ballot this year. A full line of petitioning candidates will mean an unusually busy election year.

Randy Petroniro, a petitioning candidate for the 2nd District Town Council has a very prominent sign at a house at the corner of Nichols and Woodtick Roads. This incidently is across the street from another Fair entrance and next to the Police Dept.

Indeed, a very spirited campaign season has begun.

August 21, 2009

Wolcott Fair Kicks off This Weekend

Come one, come all! The annual Wolcott Country Fair is this weekend at Frisbee School. Everything from agriculture to rides and raffles will be held. Local music sensation Carrie Ashton will perform on Friday evening. Sunday will be the annual fireworks display which can be viewed anywhere around the Woodtick section of town.

Various civic organizations hold fundraisers at the fair, including both the Democratic and Republican Town Committees. The Lions organization uses proceeds from the fair for a wide variety of charities. Some of them include scholarships at the high school, assistance in collecting and distributing used eye glasses and a major sponsor of the Wolcott Special Games.

Some of the most popular events at the fair include the pig races, and the annual Wolcott Idol competition. Musical acts will perform throughout the weekend and a petting zoo is on site. Almost every year an animal gives birth to offspring. We have yet to see whether there will be chicks, a litter of piglets, or perhaps another baby calf is born on site.

Besides the agricultural tent, where animals from chickens to camels can be viewed, an exhibit showcase where local residents have submitted vegetables, photographs, artwork and other showcase items for competition. While the cash prizes are modest, many residents welcome the opportunity to showcase a hobby in such a local competition. It will be interesting to see some of the craft work as well as how neighbor’s gardens faired in an unusually wet year with cooler than normal temperatures.

The fair opens at 4 pm on Friday, 10 am on Saturday and Sunday. Fireworks will be launched aronud 9:30 on Sunday evening. This year’s fair is a great opportunity for anyone in Wolcott to see their neighbors in a relaxed and vibrant family-friendly environment.