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August 13, 2009

AARP: What’s Their Stance?

Last night (Wednesday) the CBS Evening News presented a fact vs. fiction segment on the healthcare debate. They examined the three draft bills that have passed House Congressional committees to see if abortion would be federally funded, if the debt would increase, etc. The answers to me were surpising and quite balanced. Actually, some of the answers were unclear baased on the bills passed, but the viewe could tell that there was a possibility that the concerns addressed could be true.

Finally, the CBS news reported how Barrack Obama noted that healthcare reform had been endorsed by AARP. They noted that AARP apparently has officially taken “no stand” on healthcare reform.

I found this surprising since there is YouTube video of a AARP town hall forum – which was abuptly cut off after attendees questioned the potential changes. Oh well, maybe they decided to change their stance from endorsing it to not because of the backlash. Fair enough.

In fact, their media director told Fox News that their “Listening Tour” forums will continue across the country and they “want to hear dissent”.

Then I turned on the TV this morning. An ad caught my attention – mainly because it had an ambulance driving down the street with cars cutting it off and performing maneuvers in front of it. Gosh… the scene is actually very realistic! In fact, quite accurate!! (at last, my job has been accurately portrayed on TV!!)

The ad continued explaining that the ambulance has some place to go – your emergency destination at a hospital. But the health insurance companies – the cars – re getting in the way. Cars cut in front of it, back in front of it, cut it off, tailgate closely, weave almost striking the sides of the ambulance… anything they can do to cut off the ambulance with its siren screaming.

Guess who sponsored the ad? Yep. AARP.

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August 13, 2009

November’s Ballot Just Got Crowded

In addition to the Democratic and Republican slates this year, there will be 16 petitioning candidates throwing their hats into the ring besides incumbant mayor Thomas G. Dunn. Those names will be spread across two lines for petitioning candidates, giving higher possibility that independents could dominate Wolcott’s Town Government this year. Currently, only two elected officials are unnafillated. They are Mayor Thomas G. Dunn and Town Councilman Mike Bokon. Bokon serves from the 1st voting district.

The following candidates will appear on the petitioning candidates’ line:

Mayor: Thomas G. Dunn

Tax Collector: Vanessa Malena

Town Council
1st District: Roy Balkus, Michael Bokon
2nd District: Anna Marie Ficeto, Randy Thomas Petroniro Sr., Joseph Scaglione
3rd District: Gale Mastrofrancesco, Steven Olmstead

Board of Education:
Tammy Bastenbeck
Monica Morgan

Board of Assessment Appeals
Gerald Greco

Zoning Board of Appeals
Steven Duva
Joseph Membrino Jr.

Chris Champagne
Vito Santarsiero
Roland Dupre