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July 3, 2009

Deluge Briefly Closes Wolcott Streets

In the past 24 hours, rain has washed out driveways and endangered roads in Wolcott.

Woodtick Rd. was closed at Upson Rd. last night as the Lilley Brook undermined and overan the road. Some of the corner appears to be washed out. The main roadway of Woodtick appears intact and on Friday the road was open again. There was still some minor debris along Upson, but the road is cetainly passable. A pipe under Woodtick appears bent.

Lower County Rd. had rock debris along it last night and I assisted a motorist who had a branch caught under his car. He was able to resume travel in just a few minutes. The curves near the 4th hole of Farmingbury Hills Country Club had a waterfall halfway down the curve turning the street into a river. Cars did need to slow down along this stretch and Public Works crews cleaned that area up into the late evening.

Lower Longmeadow Dr. was awash with water Friday morning and the Town crew needed to make some repair to the overpass for that Mad River tributary there according to local business employees. A few residents reported the roadway just behind the Liquor Outlet and Dunkin Donuts was closed this morning. Dirt washed towards Cumberland Farms. Traffic is now passing over a solid road there today and the stream’s flow was at its normal size. The road is now open.

Harrison Drive had a washed out driveway sending debris and dirt down the road.
Rogers Rd. also had one driveway washed out. A mound of dirt was at the end of it today. Another residence at the end of the road had some of its front yard washed down, but it appears that most of that debris was small cedar chips that rested on a plastic lawn cover.

Waterbury had similar roads under water, including the dip in Wolcott Rd. near Pep Boys, resulting in cars floating in places. Long Hill Rd. was still closed Friday night behind Friendly’s.

This report made through first hand observations and brief interviews. A more complete report will be made over the weekend