25 WHS Seniors Honored

Graduating near the top of your class doesn’t only require books. Swinging a tennis racket can also help.

Surrounded by the wealth of knowledge in the book stacks of the High School Resource Center, the Board of Education recognized the top 25 students of the Class of 2009 in academics Tuesday evening. About 80 parents, teachers and Board members packed the room to watch a pre- graduation recognition ceremony. All parents in the room beamed with the anticipation of their child’s name to be called. After 13 years of schooling, it has come to a bridge in life for each of them. To get here, each student clearly devoted hours and hours to their studies instead of other pursuits. It was clear that they didn’t totally ignore them though. “She’d just absorb books – we’d sometimes have to take them away from her,” said Mike Ackerman of his daughter Danica. Ariel Bruni grew up next door to Danica and they were best friends, clearly driving each other through school. “They both retained so much,” noted her father, Bob Bruni.

Classmate Sergio Goncalves noted that many of his peers have supported each other through the years. He enjoyed the national honor society’s community sevice projects and the role it played during high school. His father appeared very proud of his son’s accomplishments. Sergio says that he will be attending UConn next year, possibly majoring in history.

Its not only books that led to a formula of academic success. From community service projects by the National Honor society, class officers and student council, most of the students honored found time to play sports. Some played basketball and softball. Quite a few played tennis and excelled in other sports. Clearly this wasn’t just a group of geeks. All of them plan on attending college next year, including one going to pharmacy school and another to an art college. Others are attending in-state colleges where they no doubt will continue to excell in applying their knowledge to practical interests.

Brian Stankus earned a National Merit Scholarship, which necessitates exceptionally high scores on the SATs. He has been very active in theatre. He helpd his band win a battle of the bands competition and has been playing guitar since middle school.

As High School Principal Robert Eberle read some of the accomplishments of each nominee, it became clear that these young men and women will become strong leaders in the very near future. “I’m very proud of them and thei high level of achievement. They are well rounded” noted Eberle.


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