Writers Wanted!

This newspaper- blog was started to cut down on rumors that often fly around town without verification or fact checking. It also is intended to bring you news that you might not have known existed. The best way for you to know what your neighbor is doing or your town government is doing with your money is to give you more information. But Chris O’Brien can’t do it alone (He works and can’t be everywhere, though he’s working on a cloning machine as we speak! He just wouldn’t be the best reporter to write about this briliant invention!). If you have a curious mind, or a particularly knowledgeable point of view, why not write a couple of articles every now and then to share? There is no firm commitment except that you can convey opinions and facts affectively. No experience required.

In particular we need:

one or two general reporters – They can cover town government meetings, education, sports, businesses, profile interesting people, and other news of any interest. One article a week depending upon events would be nice.

one reporter or commentator with a Democratic Party point of view. This would be to balance off with my Republican leaning views. Occaissional

Youth reporter – Preferably a student at high school student, recent graduate, or college student that can report on issues affecting or interesting to youth. These can include local music, sports, activities or commentary on pop culture.

Contributors – This can be anyone who attends a particular event and can write about the proceedings that take place. For example, these can include retirement parties for teachers, receptions, awards ceremonies. Fundraisers can also be covered.

Until then, this blog will be updated a few times a week and as often as possible. All positions are unpaid for now and any contributions would be appreciated.


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