Walking Whispers…

Below are what you’re neighbors are saying about this past week’s events. Click on “Leave a comment” above to add your own! above!

“I think they should all be closed personally.”
– Jennifer St. Arnauld on the closing of Tyrrell School after more than 200 students called out sick due to flu concerns

“I’ve just been washing my hands- nothing special”
– Rob Keith on any precautions he takes in case of the flu.

“I think its a good decision”
– Debbie Michaud, on Tyrell ‘s closing, adding her 10 month old granddaughter has a fever. “But that’s probably because she’s teething.”

“I think its great”
– Al Charrette on passage of the Town Budget

“I tell her to wash her hands all the time – though I don’t know if she actually does it!”
Kristy Chieppo on teaching good hygeine her pre-school aged daughter.

“They seem to have everything together”
anonymous man on school officials’ decision to close Tyrrell.

“She’s feeling better now”
– Matt Angelone on a friend who got sick on the 8th grade trip to Washington

“I think its a good idea, and its not affecting the other schools, so why close those down?”
– Lori Polletta on Tyrrell’s suspension of classes for 2 days.


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