Welcome, Wolcott citizens!

     In the past 3 years, the Town of Wolcott has relied upon the Waterbury Republican American newspaper for its news. Supplementing the daily, a contributor- supported monthly paper called the Wolcott News has also provided some additional outlets for letters to the editor and youth activities.
     As the economy falters, the State of Connecticut has more problems, and we all go about our daily lives, the glue of information has become stale and something needs to connect us back together. I’m hoping that this blog – with articles covering a wide variety of subjects can rope us in and tie us together again. Only armed with information can we make connections and improve our hometown for the future. As we get off the ground, I intend to write periodic articles from my perspective. I hope that we can add perhaps two contributing writers as well. And of course, you the reader will be able to comment on everything.
     As you comment, feel free to provide leads, suggestions, ideas and news you’ve heard. This blog will then become yours. I won’t be surprised if, on occaission, controversy may arise from discussions here. All I ask is this: Any contributions and comments should be factual, properly attributed and non- incendiary. “flaming” will be regulated.

     For now, comments will be open and I invite your suggestions. Feel free to contact me personally at (203) 558-5817 or cobrien7 (at) hotmail.com


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