Pssstt… The Whisper Begins!

Well, here we are. Wolcott has its first (known) blog on the internet!

It has been my hope to start an online newspaper for some time. At some point I’ll learn to add photos and other fancy things to this large square papyrus paperweight. Because I have a fulltime job, I know keeping this little news source up to date will be a challenge. At times, I might also be too involved with the news for my own good. That’s why I invite you to become a reporter for various news events around town. You can choose the event, and write as often or as little as you can. As long as you can write fairly well, I’ll include it here. Even if you can only get a few quotes and a good story together, we’ll work on the article. General commentary will be written and accepted on occassion, but because there’s plenty of room to make comments, my hope is we’ll stick with general news. In fact, your ability to comment is one of the reasons this is online. I hope that you will give praise, ideas, insight or even an occaissonal piece of wit or offbeat remark to create a dialogue with myself and our neighbors.

While this blog will include major “hard” boring news like politics and police reports, I hope we can also feature local restaurant and business profiles, retirements, a general calendar and whatever readers can contribute in a journalistic way.

Whew, this sounds like alot of work and stuff. At the moment I know how to put words on a screen. The next step: pictures. (Gosh, what did I get into!)


Todays news:  Bear siting on Winterbook Rd., and then a second bear siting on Wolcott Rd. as far south as Wolcott Lanes. This was reported at about 11:30 this morning. That has to be two different bears… Have a siting ? Report it here!

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